Trailhead Kiosk - Visitor Center

Terrabilt Trailhead Kiosk - Visitor Center provides full shelter and “surround view” of up to four 48”x 36” posting areas: two on back and one on each side. This allows visitors to read modular display panels that are sized and positioned for ease of view. The Terrabilt receiver panel system used in the kiosks allows staff to make seasonal changes and updates of modules without replacing all panels. 

This kiosk is designed for orientation centers in preserves, parks, or wherever a shelter and/or more information would be appropriate. It is easily outfitted with benches or bike racks in place of graphic panels and accessories and is also ideal as a protected shuttle bus stop with maps and park information.


  • Ideal for information display with modular panel sizes from 16” x 12” to 48” x 36”
  • Accommodates Terrabilt accessories including: brochure holders, tack boards and bulletin cases in various sizes.
  • Building structure, including roof rated for 50 years: no refinishing required.
  • Hardware and connections are corrosion resistant (stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized steel).
  • All panel connections are vandal resistant.
  • Kiosks ship as easy to assemble kit: with assembly guide, no field adjustments to lumber necessary. 

Compare Our Kiosks

Live Area: 32"x36" or 32"x48"
Viewing: 1 or 2 Sided
Dims: 105"h x 59"w x 51"d
Posts: Nominal 6x6 2-part
Graphic Panels: 1-6 modules

Live Area: 48"x36"
Viewing: 1 or 2 Sided
Dims: 105"h x 84"w x 51"d
Posts: Nominal 6x8 2-part
Graphic Panels: 1-9 modules

Live Area: 64"x36"
Viewing: 1 or 2 Sided
Dims: 118"h x 105"w x 83"d
Posts: Nominal 8x8 2-part
Graphic Panels: 1-12 modules

Trailhead Kiosk
Visitor Center

Live Area: 48"x36" (1 to 4)
Viewing: 1 Sided
Dims: 124"h x 140"w x 100"d
Posts: Nominal 8x8 
Graphic Panels: 1-9 modules