A Sustainable Program, Signage Designed to Last

Rated for 50 years, our recyclable structures use reclaimed materials with little need for maintenance. No harmful off-gassing or soil contamination.

Terrabilt products are sustainable, durable, and designed with the environment in mind. From design through production, delivery through maintenance, all our choices stem from our commitment to conservation, green manufacturing, waste reduction, and efficient delivery and implementation systems.

Structural assemblies and graphics are made to order, which eliminates needless shipping of materials and costly field fitting during implementation. Manufacturing waste is fully reclaimed in the process. With a plan and a uniform source of supply, we help you “grow” projects, turning partial installations into larger ones without waste. If the installation of a plan is being executed incrementally, we are able to match and fit new signs into previously installed signs seamlessly. Implementation of a plan can be completed over time as priorities and budgets allow.

Upgrades to content or replacement of signs is also efficient because we archive your project specs and artwork (and always, the property of the archived design and artwork is the property of the organization regardless of author).

Structural reclaimed plastic lumber

Our products are manufactured from reclaimed structural plastic. This material meets or exceeds EPA certification of 93 percent reclaimed HDPE and structural core. The raw product carries a 50-year rating for structural and color stability. The material is rot resistant, will not be affected by water or ultraviolet rays, and can be buried in the ground using direct embedment without off-gassing or leaching. Paint will not adhere to the surface, and graffiti is easily cleaned off.

Design of Structures

Terrabilt has designed, engineered, and prototyped 19 structures with extensive size variations. Our modular-based panel system provides consistent use in 11 of our 19 configurations. Panels are attached with an optional vandal resistant retainer system and eliminates screws. Each part of multi-component assemblies is sized, milled, and drilled for the intended final assembly. Manufacturing waste is 100 percent reclaimed. All parts are shipped directly to the customer as kits with full instructions. 


Steel baseplates, straps, brackets, and anchor bolts are made with hot dipped galvanized coating. Machined aluminum parts are powder coated. All screws of various types are stainless steel. Hardware that lasts goes easy on the environment.


Terrabilt products can be installed locally based on instructions we provide. Small sign assemblies are mounted by direct embedment with a non-corrosive stabilizer panel and are bolted onto an upright for stability. Concrete footings are specified for larger and taller assemblies only. Hot dip galvanized steel baseplates and hardware are supplied with each assembly that require concrete footing.

Graphic Panels

The tree types of graphic panel products we use have an aluminum sheet as the foundation. Scrap from cutting panels to size is 100 percent reclaimed. We prepare aluminum for imaging using non-VOC cleaner and print with water soluble inks (VOC free inks).

  • Imageloc® Sign Technology Aluminum panels are base powder coated so that they are print ready. The prepared panel is digitally printed and encapsulated with VOC-free, scratch- and UV- protecting sealer (Warrantied for 10 years).

  • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Panels are digitally printed on an adhesive, satin surface with a vinyl base and applied to aluminum sheet. Adhesive sheeted UV adhesive topcoat is applied VOC free. (Warrantied for 5-7 years).

  • Printed Adhesive Retroreflective Panel Panels are printed on neutral (prismatic) sheeting using translucent adhesive backing.

  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL) High pressure laminate panels are fabricated in a VOC-free facility. In this process, layers of kraft sheets of phenotic, thermosetting resin-printed graphics are covered with a layer of melamine (front and back) and pressed at high temperature to create a durable, UV, and abrasion-resistant graphic panel.