Sustainability and Life Cycle

Conservation is part of everything we do. Terrabilt builds green. Our structures use reclaimed material and are recyclable – and are rated for 50 years with little maintenance, and no harmful off-gassing or soil contamination.


Durable long-lasting sign panels, and sustainable materials for structures that are easy on the environment are the visible signage product. Underlying any successful communication/signage program is a solid method for planning and maintaining each installation.


Terrabilt reduces the need to carry stockpiles of posts and panels at park facilities and the costs of storage, retrieval and delivery. UPS delivery directly to the park eliminates the need for maintenance personnel driving government vehicles to remote sites for simple change-outs and timely upgrades and repairs. Given that the upgraded sign builds on the existing artwork, repair replacements are always archived and available (and always the property of the organization regardless of author). Size is and parts are in the specification file. Mounting locations are stored in the specification, the record allows the wayfinding program to be kept up to date and consistent. At every step from staff time, fuel use are saved.

With a plan and a uniform source of supply, implementation for small or large projects can be done incrementally; new signs will match and fit into adjacent existing signage previously installed. Implementation of the plan can be completed as scheduling and budget allow.

Start to Finish 

Using our web-based Signfolio® software, you will be able to plan, plot, and geo-code sign locations, archive artwork, specify signs, create orders, and maintain your signage program for years to come—all with one wayfinding system.

Signfolio® software and design tools, provide managers a comprehensive, innovative way to plan, build, and manage signs, exhibits, and kiosks for outdoor recreational environments.

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Graphic Panels

Terrabilt sign panels are products printed with VOC-free inks and UV cured solvent-free base coat and top coat. Manufacturing within green standards, panels offer great durability, graphic quality, and overall value. These include:

Terrabilt Premiere Sign Panels - Using ImageLOC® Printing Technology

  • Full-color, high-resolution graphics printed on fully coated 0.125" aluminum panel
  • Printed with VOC-free inks and UV cured solvent-free base coat and topcoat
  • Tough, vandal-resistant, and UV-resistant
  • Ten-year warranty against fading, edge delamination, and unsightly surface crazing
  • Standard printing of Identical image on both sides provides a second chance if vandalized, or
  • Unique image on second side allows for seasonal information without storing additional panel offsite

Retroreflective Sign Panel 

  • Reflects headlights from cars and bikes for clear viewing at night
  • Printed with VOC free inks and UV cured
  • Premier product system: 3M sheeting, inks and over-laminate
  • Alternate may incorporate computer-cut 3M film overlay and applied graphics
  • Top coated with UV filter over-laminate for durability. Allows graffiti removal without damage to graphics
  • Ten-year warranty against fading and unsightly surface degradation
  • Raw aluminum finished on back side with neutral light brown adhesive vinyl for finished back face
  • Available with (0.5") Black HDPE receiver panel upon request
Vinyl on Composite Sign Panel 

  • Economical, high-resolution prints adhered to 0.125" composite panel
  • Printed using HP latex inks and 3M vinyl sheeting 
  • UV-resistant over-laminate for durability and graffiti removal without damage to graphics
  • Great solution for signs that require updating on a more frequent basis (fee signs, temporary maps) 
  • Seven-year warranty against fading and unsightly surface degradation
  • Available with (0.5") Black HDPE receiver panel upon request


Terrabilt uses recycled material, green manufacturing, waste reclamation, and has built a process that reduces our carbon footprint from initial order to client implementation. 

Structure Materials 

  • All Terrabilt posts use structurally reinforced HDPE (high-density polyethylene) 
  • Manufactured from 95% post-consumer or recycled post-industrial waste
  • The surface has a modeled or textured finish with solid color throughout
  • Posts/Structures are Dark Brown. Other colors are available upon request. Depending on volume, there may be an additional charge for an alternate color
  • Structures will not rot, rust, warp, split, check or leach chemicals in the ground
  • Posts and structures will never require refinishing, and, unlike wood or metal, they are impervious to the abrasive effects of string trimmers
  • Rated for 50 years, Terrabilt structures have a low life-cycle cost for outdoor signage

Receiver Panel

  • Many structures utilize a receiver panel to secure one or more sign panel modules to a single post or a larger, more complex assembly such as Double Post Outboard or Kiosk
  • Receiver panels have threaded inserts, precisely installed based on the desired assembly configuration. These allow for the attachment of sign panel and accessory modules using retainers and tamper-resistant fasteners.
  • Manufactured from reclaimed post-industrial waste, with the reclamation of production tailings.

Terrabilt Retainer System 

  • The majority of sign panels are secured to posts or structures using our sturdy machined aluminum retainers along with tamper-resistant fasteners
  • Durable, UV and scratch-resistant powder coating provides protection   
  • Retainers are designed with a built-in locking feature to keep panels secure


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