Trailhead Kiosk - Mini

The Terrabilt Trailhead Kiosk - Mini is the smallest of the kiosks that we offer. Kiosks are ready for posting graphics and accessories on one-side or two. A short roof provides shade from sun and shelter from rain. The 32” x 36” posting surface easily accommodates sign modules with any type of information needed and several Terrabilt accessories (brochure holders, tack boards and bulletin cases). 


  • Structure is sustainable and “green” manufactured with 50-year rating and no refinishing required.
  • Mounting hardware for graphic panels and accessories are corrosion and tamper resistant.
  • Accommodates 1 to 6 modular panels and accessories within 32” x 36” posting area (each side).
  • Panels may be printed with the same image on both sides, allowing for a simple refresh.
  • Printing different information (seasonal) on both sides, allows it stored in place with no chance of it being lost or damaged.
  • Posting options can include graphic panels, bulletin board, and a sheer profile bulletin case with acrylic face.

Compare Our Kiosks

Trailhead Kiosk

Live Area: 32"x36" or 32"x48"
Viewing: 1 or 2 Sided
Dims: 105"h x 59"w x 51"d
Posts: Nominal 6x6 2-part
Graphic Panels: 1-6 modules

Live Area: 48"x36"
Viewing: 1 or 2 Sided
Dims: 105"h x 84"w x 51"d
Posts: Nominal 6x8 2-part
Graphic Panels: 1-9 modules

Live Area: 64"x36"
Viewing: 1 or 2 Sided
Dims: 118"h x 105"w x 83"d
Posts: Nominal 8x8 2-part
Graphic Panels: 1-12 modules

Live Area: 48"x36" (1 to 4)
Viewing: 1 Sided
Dims: 124"h x 140"w x 100"d
Posts: Nominal 8x8 
Graphic Panels: 1-9 modules