Structures: Modular, Site-Specific and Custom

Terrabilt offers 18 structure types in a variety of sizes. Sign programs utilize different structure types that build upon modular panel displays and site-specific applications.


Modular System

The Terrabilt modules are built with 16” horizontal increments and 12” vertical increments. The smallest module is 16” x 12”. This affords flexibility of multi-panel displays at orientation kiosks, within campgrounds, at trailheads, water access points, and more. 

The system is ideal for posting more than one panel such as a map with instructions, information and bulletin cabinet or brochure holder. It can carry displays of differently sized panels without sacrificing orderliness. In the modular system, panels can be updated without replacing an entire display. For seasonal postings, a three-season message may be printed on one side and the winter message on the other.

Receiver Panel

Many structures utilize a receiver panel to secure •one or more modules to a single post or a larger, more complex assembly such as Double Post Outboard or Kiosk. Receiver panels have threaded inserts, precisely installed which allow for the attachment of sign panel and accessory modules using retainers and tamper resistant fasteners.

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Retainer System

When using the modular approach, sign panels and accessories are secured to posts or structures using our sturdy machined aluminum retainers along with tamper resistant fasteners. These durable powder coated fasteners with built in locking feature keep panels and accessories secure.



Site Specific Applications

Terrabilt offers a group of site-specific applications built to classic proportions for parks and preserves. Assemblies are available in various sizes with the exception of the little trail waypoint post. Large identification signs are sized to customer requirements as branding and legend size requires. Sign types in this group include: 




Bulletin Board

The Terrabilt bulletin board is designed to fit into the Terrabilt modular panel system. The posting surface is manufactured from recycled tires. When used for flooring, this material is integral to any LEED application in the construction industry. The Terrabilt bulletin cabinet has a powder coated aluminum frame, is a sheer, rugged, weather-resistant product that is mounted as a stand-alone or in a modular assembly using the Terrabilt panel attachment retainer system.

Bulletin Case

The Terrabilt bulletin case has a powder coated aluminum frame and a clear acrylic face. The backer panel allows staff members to attach paper materials with pushpins or optional steel backer so that posted items will be positioned with magnets. This cabinet is vandal-resistant without the need for locks. Its lightweight, removable panel eliminates the need for hinges, and keeps the to a slim 1.375 inch thick

Brochure Holder

The weather-resistant Terrabilt brochure holder is a practical way to dispense single 8.5” x 11” sheets, a tri-fold (8.5” x 3.66”) or half sheet (5.5” x 8.5”) materials. The case is extruded aluminum with a clear polycarbonate face and weather-resistant hinged top. The frame and lid are powder coated with a durable finish. Brochure dispensers are mounted as stand alone or in a modular assembly using the Terrabilt panel attachment retainer system.


Custom Applications

Our customers frequently ask for custom signage solutions. These requests include: donor memorials, specialty identification, and fabricated metal structures to fit with existing architecture or site conditions that are unique. We have designed a variety of panels or panel systems to identify a facility as reserved as well as a method for program management.

At Terrabilt we can provide all types of metal (aluminum and steel) cutting, forming, machining and welding as well as a variety of finishes including powder coating and galvanizing. We design and build uniquely sized frames for identification signs using metal and composites; along with stone bases built locally.

We work with structural and mechanical engineers as required for analysis of designs and foundations to accommodate a specific site.




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