Signfolio®: A management tool for planning, specifying, ordering and maintaining signs (release of new version: Q2-2024)

A sign system design based on function applications (guidance, orientation, identification, instruction, etc.) executed with a consistent editorial and graphic approach makes signing easier for park staff to plan, implement and manage. For the park visitor, information is more readable, consistent and uncluttered. 

A planned sign program using Terrabilt components makes a standardized approach to park signing easier for planning, design and life-cycle management.



Terrabilt’s web-based software tool, Signfolio® allows users to plot each planned assembly and sign function. Within the software, the user can specify each assembly by type of structure and related attributes (color, dimensions, viewing area, graphics, number of panels, panel size(s), mounting, etc.). Plotting an assembly on a map base within the software geo-codes its location and allows planners/designers to assign artwork including standard signs within the agency’s collection to the structure. Each entry is made part of an overall sign schedule with its status indicated, (e.g. planned, structure specified, artwork complete, ordered, installed). As the assembly is updated - for example, if a new trail is added to the existing map - the action is recorded, dated, the sign ordered and the plan updated. 

Using graphic standards developed by Terrabilt or by others, our specifications and fulfillment system along with Signfolio® reduces planning time, yields a complete record for every assembly and builds a system for life cycle management. We never met a park staffer that has a good thing to say about the process of updating a sign legend or fixing a damaged panel. Terrabilt Signfolio® addresses the manual complexities and simplifies the process of making a change, addition or upgrade

Terrabilt reduces the need to carry stockpiles of posts and panels at park facilities and the costs of storage, retrieval and delivery. Larger orders are delivered by common carrier. For smaller orders, UPS delivery direct to the park eliminates the need for maintenance personnel driving agency vehicles to remote sites for simple change-outs, upgrades and repairs. 

With Signfolio®, the upgraded sign builds on the existing artwork archived in storage with the respective assembly, size/mounting locations stored in the specification; wayfinding programs are easily kept up to date and consistent. With a plan and a uniform source of supply, implementation for small or large projects can be undertaken incrementally; new signs match and fit into sign structures previously installed. Implementation of the plan can be completed as scheduling and budget allow. 

Signfolio® is licensed to an agency based on the number of sign plans to be included. In general, each park will have a sign plan based on agency standards. All signs in a system can be plotted and archived within the program.

Sign Management Tool


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