Wall Mount

Terrabilt panels are easily mounted on flat vertical surfaces. This may be as small as an 8" x 12" door identifier – to a large 64" x 36" panel mounted to the wall (interior or exterior) of an orientation center or other area where park and trail visitors gather.

Wall mounted panels are attached using a receiver panel for most attachments. This intermediate panel allows for surface adjustments when mounting on uneven surfaces.

Larger wall mount displays use the Terrabilt receiver panel that allows posting of multiple panels based on the 16" x 12" module. These include graphic panels and Terrabilt accessories. Wall-mount displays with modular panels allow staff to conveniently change information appropriate for each season or efficiently upgrade a fee sign across a park.


  • Receiver panel size options available to match attachment requirements and area of wall.
  • Easy to change panels based on season and program requirements.
  • Accommodates Terrabilt accessories that include: brochure holders, tack boards and bulletin cases in various sizes.