Traffic regulatory and warning signs along park roads and bike trail crossings comply with federal MUTCD standards. Terrabilt traffic signs can be made compatible with the look of all Terrabilt park signs, using sustainable and “green” manufactured uprights and optional receiver panels, or may be mounted using steel “u-channel” section, depending on the client preference.

Signage for parking, no parking and parking for the disabled should be sized to FHWA standards for regular streets. With low posted speed limits in parks, applications can use the smaller sizes of specified panels and be placed at lower (HAGL) height above grade level when compared to mountings on conventional streets and roads. Small sizes and consistent mounting height helps to reduce visual clutter.


  • Retroreflective signs (TRR) use 3M systems (sheeting, inks and cleanable UV protection over-laminate).
  • Warranty for 10-year fading and delaminating.
  • Terrabilt posts are virtually maintenance free – no need for painting or staining and surfaces will not fade, oxidize, crack or peel.
  • Back side of signs can be finished to cover untreated aluminum, or, be attached to black HDPE receiver panels with rounded edges.
  • Custom retroreflective legends are available.