Terrabilt uses recycled material, green manufacturing, waste reclamation, and has built a process that reduces our carbon footprint from initial order to client implementation. 

Structure Materials 

  • All Terrabilt posts use structurally reinforced HDPE (high-density polyethylene) 
  • Manufactured from 95% post-consumer or recycled post-industrial waste
  • The surface has a modeled or textured finish with solid color throughout
  • Posts/Structures are Dark Brown. Other colors are available upon request. Depending on volume, there may be an additional charge for an alternate color
  • Structures will not rot, rust, warp, split, check or leach chemicals in the ground
  • Posts and structures will never require refinishing, and, unlike wood or metal, they are impervious to the abrasive effects of string trimmers
  • Rated for 50 years, Terrabilt structures have a low life-cycle cost for outdoor signage

Receiver Panel

  • Many structures utilize a receiver panel to secure one or more sign panel modules to a single post or a larger, more complex assembly such as Double Post Outboard or Kiosk
  • Receiver panels have threaded inserts, precisely installed based on the desired assembly configuration. These allow for the attachment of sign panel and accessory modules using retainers and tamper-resistant fasteners.
  • Manufactured from reclaimed post-industrial waste, with the reclamation of production tailings.

Terrabilt Retainer System 

  • The majority of sign panels are secured to posts or structures using our sturdy machined aluminum retainers along with tamper-resistant fasteners
  • Durable, UV and scratch-resistant powder coating provides protection   
  • Retainers are designed with a built-in locking feature to keep panels secure