Single Post

The single post sign assembly becomes the workhorse for most sign programs. Terrabilt offers a wide selection of standard panel sizes to accommodate common applications in single panel and modular assemblies—both single face and with panels on front and back of the upright. Graphics are available with both fused image on aluminum (full color graphics) and retroreflective sheeting on aluminum (for motorist guidance and traffic control applications). Special panel shapes are available. Unique shapes can be developed upon request.


  • Single post assemblies accommodate panels up to 24”x 36” and as modular multi-panel assemblies of the same size.
  • Double sided mounting is same size on both sides.
  • Graphics include fused image panels (FIA), are printed on one side or both for ease of upgrade if damaged.
  • Retroreflective panels (TRR) are imaged on one side only using 3M products.
  • Panels are mounted directly to the posts using the Terrabilt retainer system or to a common black HDPE receiver panel (optional). Double sided printing requires receiver panel.
  • Assemblies are installed by direct embedment with stabilizer panel and gravel backfill (concrete free). Fabricated steel baseplate mounts are available for surface mount on concrete pads or with concrete footing if conditions require.
  • Post lengths vary based on mounting heights determined by local viewing requirements.