Classic Double Post Hanging Series Identification Sign

360 2-Post Hanging ID

When determining the size and mounting configuration for a system of park identification signs, there are many options with one being better than others for a specific location. With uniform graphic layouts of identification signs, the overall look and feel for identifying a park system will be cohesive regardless of mounting type as the materials and graphic consistency creates a family of appropriate designs. The classic double post hanging series is ideal as one option and complements the classic flag mount. Other options include a panel mounted with stone base.

This design will accommodate panels up to 96” wide with varying height above grade level (HAGL). The visual mass will be greater as the Cascadian double post assembly gives the sign a strong visual presence. Options are show for panel sizes, but these can be adjusted to meet layout standards for a unique design.


  • Mounting requires fabricated steel baseplate with hot-dip galvanized finish (supplied).
  • Signs may be Terrabilt standard fused image (FIA) sign material or retroreflective (TRR) using 3M materials.
  • Sign frame is fabricated aluminum with sheet HDPE casing for finished appearance.
  • Assembly can be single faced or double faced.