Flag Mount

This modern version of a traditional design is ubiquitous with the signing of parks, trails, gardens and preserves. The tall mount often allows for a smaller sign because the elevated mounting location is easy to see and accommodates long uninterrupted sightlines. Assemblies are generally double faced and mounted perpendicular to the viewer's approach.

This design is primarily used to identify facilities internal to a park including: gardens, orientation centers, campground, trailhead, boat launch, swimming beach, etc.


  • Signs may be Terrabilt standard fused image (FIA) sign material or retroreflective (TRR) using 3M materials.
  • Tall pole signs are mounted with concrete footing and fabricated steel baseplate with hot dip galvanized finish (supplied).
  • Flag mount accepts rectangular, arch and slope (bottom) panels. Custom shapes are available upon request.