A fingerboard assembly is designed to be viewed from any angle of approach on regional bikeways, a campus or other bifurcation in which guidance is given to a primary destination or route. It is a very literal way to guide, as the sign panel has a simple legend and the chiseled ends point the way to the destination. 

The Terrabilt fingerboard provides eight directions for mounting the panels on the square post. The sign panels are sized for ease of view. The color and graphic design are limited by the creativity of the clients’ designer. 


  • Panels are fused image process (FIA) with panels on both sides for view from either direction of approach.
  • Structures are mounted with concrete footing using steel baseplate with hot dip galvanized coating (provided).
  • Structure uses sustainable materials and, as possible, is “green” manufactured.   
  • Full assembly designed for ease of installation.
  • Panels produced from clients’ design or Terrabilt design as requested.