Classic Flag

There are many lessons to be learned by studying traditional park signing. One is the practicality of the classic flag mounted identification sign assembly. They were quite common, especially at parks with features built by the WPA or the CCC.

Classic flag signs are traditionally seen as double sided and are oriented perpendicular to the road. The overall size can be smaller than a monolith or double post signs because it sits closer to the road and generally has a clear, uninterrupted sightline.

The Terrabilt classic flag design is classically proportioned, allows for panels in three sizes depending on desired panel layout. Upright and cross member are structural grade, reclaimed HDPE with fabricated metal brackets and straps.


  • The overall assembly is a structural plastic lumber using post-consumer waste and rated as a 50-year assembly.  
  • Brackets and straps are fabricated aluminum with powder coated finish.
  • Mounting requires fabricated steel baseplate with hot-dipped galvanized finish (supplied).
  • Signs may be Terrabilt standard fused image on aluminum (FIA) material or retroreflective (TRR) using 3M materials.
  • Sign frame is fabricated aluminum with sheet HDPE casing for finished appearance.
  • Assembly can be single faced or double faced.