When you work with Terrabilt, you are collaborating with people who hike, camp, cycle, sail, kayak, and generally love the outdoors.  

Professionally we are graphic and industrial designers who for the last 30 years have designed complex multi-facility sign programs for clients including the National Park Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Provincial Parks of Alberta, Canada, as well as programs for local and regional parks and rail-trails and historic sites.

We take pride in creating solid solutions for public places that can make the recreational experiences more inviting, wayfinding more informative, maps easier to understand, and exhibits more engaging—all the while going lightly on the land. 

We started Terrabilt because we wanted to close the loop between design and production. We wanted to design an innovative approach to signs and structures using sustainable materials that are durable and require little maintenance. Equally we wanted to incorporate efficient procurement systems that allow for ordering a few sign assemblies or large park wide implementation programs. 

We decided to create ways that would support client's efforts to plan and design signage, but we also knew that the new system should be linked to manufacturing and ongoing management of the sign inventory. This would reduce costs, maintain consistency, and afford a timely way to upgrade, augment and maintain installations. This all-inclusive nuts-to-dessert approach is especially important in these times of diminished staff and stretched budgets.

Our Terrabilt system provides a web-based Signfolio® software that provides the tools to plot plans on a geo-coded base, Specify sign structure and panel configuration, place and archive artwork and manage site signing programs. Our procurement system allows you to order hundreds of signs or just a single upgraded panel directly from your Terrabilt Signfolio® web portal and sign plan record. 

We provide training or we can provide site analysis, comprehensive system design, or design assistance to the point that you feel comfortable taking control.  

We look forward to working with you. For additional information please give us a call: 914.341.1500 or email at: info@terrabilt.com    


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