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Wayfinding Systems

Why Terrabilt?

Sustainable / Environmentally Sensitive

  • Majority reclaimed post-industrial materials
  • Clean fabrication with no off-gassing or toxic solvents. Scrap is reclaimed and recycled
  • Shipping is designed to reduce costs
  • Typical installation method goes lightly-on-the-land
  • Management systems accommodate decentralized programs to reduce costs.

Terrabilt's material components are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but they also are environmentally sensitive in many ways, including recyclability. Retro-reflective components are adhered to aluminum panels that are created from 95 percent reclaimed industrial waste and are linked to a recycle program when retired.

  • Posts are made from 95 percent reclaimed material and have the highest sustainability rating for this type of product. They will last for half a century, will not rot, structurally degrade, or leach any chemicals into the air or ground. When removed, they can simply be washed and reused for a new sign installation or they can be recycled.
  • Terrabilt’s manufacturing processes are designed to minimize needless shipping of raw materials beyond the source, and the durability of our products eliminates the need for costly replacements. No more premature panel failure, oxidation/rot, common vandalism, or typical post problems!
  • Posts and panels are manufactured in clean environments with no off-gassing or toxic chemicals used. All waste is recycled.
  • The Terrabilt wayfinding system is designed to withstand the hazards of public places. Terrabilt incorporates vandal-resistant graphics with stout panels and a patented tamper-resistant panel retainer system that uses components machined from high-strength aluminum alloy with recycled content. Connections are finished and concealed. All attachments use stainless steel tamper-resistant screws to eliminate unsightly corrosion and to make sure the assembly can always be properly serviced.
  • Web-based Terrabilt program management systems are designed for efficiency and to minimize staffing costs while providing the program manager up-to-date information on every installation. Every transaction, start to finish, has been streamlined to reduce time while enhancing the collective investment, because the system can be easily and efficiently maintained. Terrabilt products do not need constant maintenance or frequent replacement. All materials have a long life. Posts and structures are covered with a lifetime material warranty, and we provide a 10-year warranty on graphics.