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Wayfinding Systems

Why Terrabilt?

Why Terrabilt?

Terrabilt has been designed to enhance the visitor experience with a system of highly functional, attractive signs. Terrabilt encompasses both retro-reflective signs for motorists and high-resolution panels for other all other informational needs. Signs are systematically sized to go lightly on the land and yet large enough to be easily read. Terrabilt kiosk panels come in a variety of sizes that fit together in cohesive informational and interpretive packages and yet allow staffs to make seasonal changes and post timely messages.

Terrabilt sign structures and classically proportioned kiosks are basically maintenance free and vandal-resistant. The patented panel retainer system is attractive and optimizes graphic areas without installing bolts through the panels. Panels are durable and long lasting but welcome a seasonal cleaning.

All in all, Terrabilt signs and structures are designed to integrate the needs of both the client and user in an aesthetically pleasing, informative wayfinding sign system.