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Wayfinding Systems

Intuitive, Efficient, Comprehensive

  1. Conceptualize plan

    On a paper plan, identify the plan area and create neighborhoods, or logical areas, to make planning process easy to manage. Pencil in a conceptual sign location plan based on sign function (identify, guide, inform, warn, interpret).

  2. Organize plan by area

    Identify overall plan area and draw neighborhoods on base map in SignFolio with tools provided. This becomes the basis for your plan.

  3. Capture field notes for wireless download

    Using a GPS device in the field, validate sign locations and record site considerations that may impact the plan using geo-coded device. Auto plot locations and upload field notes when connected to Terrabilt SignFolio.

  4. Download and plot plan from field notes

    Terrabilt automatically plots sign locations on map in the software or on an imported AutoCAD or other site plan base. Additional locations can be plotted as desired, or entire plan plotted directly into SignFolio without field data.

  5. Specify structure using simple script

    Following script, specify all structural details: assembly type, post style and color, hardware style, sign panel material, panel shape, mounting method, height of sign, etc. and save to your SignFolio.

  6. Streamline sign panel design tools process

    Using industry standard software and tools in SignFolio, select and download cutting templates, grids, scripted signs to create your own sign panels. Or, use catalog panels.

  7. Save final artwork in panel folders for future use

    Save and upload your artwork for each sign panel. Your artwork will remain on the web-based SignFolio until you need it again. No more searching for files.

  8. Track design reviews for each installation

    SignFolio allows the project team members to review, comment, and approve each installation and keeps records of all interactions.

  9. Order signs using “shopping cart” technology

    Plan order schedule and order signs. All assemblies and panels are bar-coded to streamline ordering.

  10. Use Terrabilt tools to efficiently manage your sign program

    Once installed, use inventory management device and Terrabilt SignFolio to keep track of installed program, update content, identify maintenance requirements, and add new signs.

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