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Wayfinding Systems


If you prefer, Terrabilt can provide experienced staff to help you with every detail of your signage requirements from site surveying and sign planning to interpretive designs and custom software. All services listed below can be provided for a negotiated fee.

Site Surveying
Terrabilt will go to your location, study the existing conditions, and recommend a strategy to upgrade your sign system. Our initial goal is to understand what needs to be communicated and how best to accommodate those needs. If you don’t have a sign system in place, we can create one for you.

Program Analysis
For large, multi-facility organizations, Terrabilt can meet with your professional staff to discuss and establish long-term goals for your sign program and, if needed, an interpretive wayside exhibits plan. This process is most effective if done in conjunction with visits to a representative group of your facilities.

Sign Planning
Terrabilt will prepare sign plans for a single park or a system of parks. This work includes program analysis, concept development, sign location plans, design, artwork production, and fabrication specifications. We will work closely with you so you can take ownership of the system using Terrabilt tools during the implementation stages.

Graphic Design
Terrabilt will provide design services based on your concepts or, if you desire, with graphics we recommend. For multi-sign projects or park systems, Terrabilt will develop graphic standards within an information hierarchy.

Artwork Production
Terrabilt will provide a variety of artwork production services. As part of any order we will check all digital files to make sure they are production ready. We also can prepare artwork based on a sign plan you create. If we prepare art, you will receive proofs of every panel for review. The final art will be archived, so you can use it for future reference and updates.

Countless times we have begun projects that need better maps. From large regional maps to intimate site-specific maps of parks, trails, and campgrounds, our staff can assist in determining the type of map required for a project and create a production-ready.

Interpretive Research
Terrabilt can work with you to create an interpretive wayside exhibits plan and develop exhibit texts and graphics for engaging and meaningful exhibits. We also can provide design and writing services for associated publications and web sites.

Interpretive Design
Based on your interpretive planning, writing Terrabilt will design interpretive exhibit panels for your programs. This can include existing archival graphics or we can create or commission artwork as part of the project. This is an interactive process in which we give the client several opportunities to review sketches and concepts before exhibits are ready for production.

Have an idea of what you want your signs or exhibits to say but need the expertise of an experienced communications specialist? We will work with you on small or large projects to edit and refine your sign messages to a few key words or brief, engaging exhibit texts.

Training (SignFolio)
Want to learn how to create a sign plan, enter it into Terrabilt SignFolio, and utilize the program to maximize its benefits? Terrabilt staff can help you learn the ropes and take advantage of our powerful management tools.

Custom Software
One of the strengths of the Terrabilt SignFolio is that it can be custom programmed to incorporate the specific components of your standards alone. The advantage of this feature is that it assures top management that each facility works with the specific components of your information hierarchy and within the design standards. Our software helps expedite planning and overall implementation with a uniformity that links your facilities with each other and the umbrella organization.