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Wayfinding Systems


3-Post Inline


Terrabilt Inline structures are sized with panels positioned for ease of view. The Terrabilt backer panel system allows staff to make seasonal changes and updates of modules without replacing all panels.

This 64” x 36” assembly accommodates one-sided or double-sided display. The display includes graphic panels and accessories: bulletin board, bulletin cabinet, and/or brochure dispenser.

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  • Structure is virtually maintenace free-no need for painting or staining and surfaces won’t fade, oxidize, crack or peel
  • Mounting hardware is stainless steel and tamper resistant
  • Each display area accommodates 1 to 5 panels, making it the most flexible system of its kind
  • Panels and accessories are modular and fit in 48” x 36” overall area
  • Panels can be imaged on both sides, allowing for rotation of seasonal display on one panel
  • Postings include graphic panels, tack board, and a sheer profile bulletin case