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Wayfinding Systems


We realize that some customers may not want to use our standard colors, panel shapes, or polyethylene posts because of existing signs and exhibits at their locations or for other reasons.

We can work with you to provide a custom solution to create a wayfinding sign system that works for you.

To discuss possible solutions for your signage or wayside exhibit project, contact us at: info.terrabilt.com or call us at 888.295.8380.

Panel Shapes
Terrabilt offers a variety of standard panel shapes at no extra cost. Terrabilt will also accommodate other options as a custom order, but custom work is not within the current price schedule. Ideally custom panels should stay within the current vertical dimension to limit complications when reordering.

Custom Posts
We can accommodate custom aluminum or steel uprights and structures within the Terrabilt system. We discourage the use of wood because of high life-cycle costs. Wooden posts usually need to be replaced before the panels. And as the posts weather, the size of the assembly fluctuates and the panels sometimes become loose, giving way to premature failure.