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Wayfinding Systems

Terrabilt Wayfinding

Terrabilt products marry design, modularity, sustainability, and durability into a seamless system of graphics and structures for active, all-weather, out-of-doors environments. For structure and panel sizes and configurations see Products above.

Kiosk Post Material and
Color Options

All Terrabilt posts use structurally reinforced HDPE (high density polyethylene) for stout assemblies in all environments. This heavy-duty plastic lumber is manufactured from 95% post-consumer or recycled post-industrial waste to Terrabilt specifications.

Kiosk buildings are designed as 50-year structures with maintenance limited to keeping the graphics up to date using Terrabilt SignFolio software.

Colors are adaptable to most environments, with color selection being site specific. Light Brown (Mink) structures are ideal for most foliated, forested, as well as arid environments. Weathered Wood structures can complement sites in coastal environments.