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Wayfinding Systems

Terrabilt Wayfinding

Terrabilt products marry design, modularity, sustainability, and durability into a seamless system of graphics and structures for active, all-weather, out-of-doors environments. For structure and panel sizes and configurations see Products above.

Standard Post Color and
Shape Options

All Terrabilt posts use structurally reinforced HDPE (high density polyethylene) for stout assemblies in all environments. This heavy-duty plastic lumber is manufactured from 95% post-consumer or recycled post-industrial waste to Terrabilt specifications.

  • With Terrabilt there is no rot, rust, bending, splitting, checking or chemicals leaching in the ground, and no periodic replacement.
  • Lowest life-cycle cost of any structural material for outdoor signage.
  • Terrabilt posts and structures will never require refinishing, and, unlike wood or metal, they are impervious to the abrasive effects of string trimmers.
  • The surface is an even color with soft satin, leathery surface that looks great in the environment. Both round and square sections come in six standard color options. Additional colors are available on a custom basis.