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Wayfinding Systems

Terrabilt Wayfinding

Terrabilt products marry design, modularity, sustainability, and durability into a seamless system of graphics and structures for active, all-weather, out-of-doors environments. For structure and panel sizes and configurations see Products above.

Panel Substrate

Terrabilt graphic panels are 0.5” thick, and interpretive wayside exhibit panels are 0.75” thick.

  • Uniform thickness aids modularity when using of both fused image (FIA) and retroreflective panels.
  • Panel system creates a strong assembly that is resistant to being bent or broken.
  • Thicker than usual panels with soft edges reduce safety hazards of aluminum or other sharp materials in public areas, especially in areas where children play like beaches, parks, and campgrounds.
  • Both panel systems have recycled cores (100% for reflective and 87% for HPL).
  • The back face is of all Terrabilt panels is finished integral to the panel and never needs refinishing.