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Wayfinding Systems

Signfolio is the planning tool for the Terrabilt Wayfinding System.

Cloud-based: Signfolio is a unique, cloud-based software system that allows multiple users to plan, plot, specify, archive artwork and standards, order signs, and maintain sign installations for a single facility or a large decentralized park and trail organization.

Cost Savings: Signfolio was developed to reduce as much as 75 percent of the time and cost to prepare sign plans and a similar savings for program management. Expandability: There are no limits to the area or the number of facilities or number of signs that a Signfolio user can accommodate. Introductory Use: Signfolio software is provided with a trial license that allows a Terrabilt customer to use Signfolio and determine if this software tool is suited to its operation. This provision includes free file storage so a user can develop and store designs while learning about the program.

Technical Assistance: There is no charge to contact Terrabilt with questions about software use and, more important, questions about the signing process including: sign content, context, scale, form, materials, regulations, etc. Ongoing Upgrades: Terrabilt products and upgrades added to the Signfolio software will be provided to registered users as part of the annual maintenance fee.

1) Registration
• Enter all parks/facilities into system
• Define institutional access privileges
• Management controls
• Define transactional procedures (method of payment, delivery specs. etc.)
2a) Planning: Individual Sign Asset File
• All field notes and review comments
• Material specification (all attributes)
• Approved artwork (archive)
• Life-cycle history of installation
• Preview of assemblies
• Order signs and kiosks
2b) Mapping / Plotting Sign Location
• Create neighborhoods within facility
• Plot each sign location
• Click plot to link to file
2c) Specification (interactive tool)
• Structure type
• Panel size(s) and materials
• Structure assembly and details
• Connection Hardware Style
• Mounting/installation spec.
• Planning /Production Notes
3) References / Tools
• Parks specific graphics & structure standards
• Catalogs of standard signs
• Grids, templates, scripts, cut files for all various applications
• Tutorial: planning guide
• Tutorial: sign use by sign type
• Instructive Case Studies
4) Reports (by item, location, type, park, or system)
• Planning status
• Order status
• Maintenance survey
• Costs (to date, annual, new, repair)
• Costs by sign type
• Chronological records
5) Storage
• Back-up and file management
• Archive of all production artwork
6) Remote Tools (synch to web-based plan)
• Hand held GPS for location
• Maintenance survey (with script)
7) Role Based Applications
• Customized applications and dedicated portal


Personalized Registration: Signfolio is registered to an organization (park district, state park system, preserve, golf club, rail-trail operation, etc.). The registration may be for one facility or many. Each park will become a separate plan within the organization’s folder, but are all facility sign plans and records tied to the prime registrant.

The designated sign program manager creates access and controls with preferences built into the Signfolio. This feature allows users to create the most efficient way to manage its sign program. For instance the signs might be organized by park or management region or linked to a variety of controls for review by a sign program manager. These custom preferences are designed primarily for managing sign programs for multiple facilities and groups of facilities within organizations but may be for one facility alone. Users may review and comment on a plan, enter a maintenance report on an specific installation, report that an upgrade is complete, or make other notes to keep a program up-to-date and well maintained.

Terrabilt and Signfolio give managers the tools to efficiently manage a consistent customer experience while providing tools so decentralized staff participate in and support the sign program.


Planning: Signfolio provides tools to use, document, and store all information in the sign-development process, including: gathering field notes, plotting sign locations, geo-coding, managing and archiving artwork, selecting structure type and size, preparing specifications, ordering signs, and producing activity reports and maintenance records. In addition, staff comments are made part of a chronological record for each facility and each individual installation. General program discussions and notices are placed on your organization’s overall “dashboard” for general communications.

Signfolio provides these primary utilities:
1) All standard signs are “stored” in a client’s own graphics and specification "library" to allow a quick and simple approach to building a plan.
2) A field review (walk-through) of the proposed facility allows GPS coordinates to be identified for proposed placement locations by sign type with field data imported directly to the plan.
3) Artwork pulled from your library can include standard signs, templates for a specific type of sign, or scripts that allow entry into a standard format (such as the inclusion of a local phone number or hours specific to the location on a panel).
4) Remote devices allow for initial field planning (geo-coding proposed locations) and seasonal condition surveys with data downloaded to respective files and reports.

Shopping Cart: The shopping cart system allows sign programs to be implemented in whatever way works best for an organization. Plans can be developed and stored for a phased implementation, and changes are easily addressed.

Sign purchases from Terrabilt are priced based on our standard government schedules (GSA or by direct agreement). Terrabilt is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Shipping: Orders are shipped directly to the proposed location. Confirmation of delivery is provided to the program manager and designated project manager.


Data Management: All files are managed on a cloud-based architecture. This includes daily back-up and redundant storage of data. The primary component of the storage is the unique vector-based artwork and high-resolution imagery (more memory consumptive than data) for each sign. If a file references a standard sign that is on the server (Signfolio library or catalog sign) there is no storage charge for that image. A plan file also includes the data for particular assembly specifications, the plotted location, life-cycle record for each installation, and all costs associated with that installation.

Artwork Availability: All client artwork is prepared in industry standard software programs (Adobe Illustrator or Adpbe InDesign) and is available at all times for registered users; remains the property of the registered user; and is stored in the client’s unique password-protected portal to Signfolio.

Ownership: Terrabilt assumes that all graphics created by a licensee or by others for a licensee are the property of the licensee. Use of graphic resources provided within Signfolio include: symbols (SEGD National Recreation Symbols), trail condition and access symbols, bike and rail trail signs, other standard sign formats and legends, traffic signs, and panel layout templates are provided for use by program designers as part of the registration.

Terrabilt requests that all fonts, photos, and artwork of any kind in supplied artwork to have been properly licensed by the client.

File Access: Access to a registered user’s site is available 24/7 to authorized users as determined by the organization’s program manager. Access to files and artwork by anyone is recorded and dated.

Terrabilt staff will access client files only as required to retrieve artwork files for signs ordered and to make sure they are technically ready to submit for production.


Charges for using the Signfolio software include an initial registration fee, an annual subscription fee, and a monthly (use based) data management fee. There are no charges for trial accounts.

Initial Registration Fee (per location/plan)
$ 384.00

Discounts are available based on number of locations/plans using Signfolio

Annual subscription (per location/plan)
$ 96.00

Data Management Fee (100 megabytes or less – no fee)

Monthly data management fee by licensee (organization)
$ 3.60 per gigabyte

Initial Registration by Client and Facility: A one-time software registration fee is assessed for each primary facility in a program management plan. The basic rate is $384 per primary facility and includes the first year annual subscription. Facility registration may be less for large organizations of (10 facilities or more), or the number of signs in a single facility program (less than 40). This entitles users to use all features and capabilities within Signfolio and receive all upgrades and program additions as they are incorporated into the program.

Registration Billing: After an account is established, each new facility sign plan will be charged only when it has been added as a registered user. That means that a park system with 10 defined facilities will only pay for the facilities that have registered to use the software.

Annual Subscription: A subscription fee of $96 is charged on an annual basis (after the first anniversary) for each registered facility in the system. This fee covers bandwidth and computer service costs, program maintenance, and technical assistance for users.

Data Management Fees: There is no charge for the first 100 megabytes of data. Monthly data management and back-up fees are $3.60 per gigabyte. Fees are determined monthly based on usage and billed on a 6 month or annual cycle depending on the size of the overall system file.

For instance, a large multi-use park has an orientation center, trails, lake front/water access, and 300 campsites, and 694 sign assemblies. The annual data storage and management cost for that park’s sign plan data and artwork, which consumes 1.24 GB, would be $53.57 per year. Users have access 24/7 for any activity to the record.

Trial Account: There is no charge for using Signfolio to create an order and to order signs without creating a plan or permanent record. Users will be required to enter customer contact information including shipping and billing data. The account will become inactive after 90 unless the account is switched to active status.


Role Based Application: At client election, create a dedicated portal with customized components outside standard Signfolio configurations, Terrabilt will modify the software and charge for that adaptation. For example, the sign program might become part of a client’s internal web platform; though maintained outside the organizations web and IT operation so as to make the process convenient but retain the tools and data management offered by Signfolio. This however eliminates the need to go outside the agency’s site to manage the sign program. Another example might be to limit the offerings to those specific signs in a client’s “library,” and add non-standard Terrabilt features unique to the organization.