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Wayfinding Systems




Placed at a portal to a park or trail, or on a building, identification affirms arrival. Often identification is more formal than information signs but ideally reflecting the institutional character of the place.

Motorist Guide

Guide signs for vehicles on carriageways of facilities may use a single panel or a series of slats on a com-mon backer. Panels to be placed in advance of a decision point and sized for readability and ease of view.

Pedestrian Guide

Guide signs on a facility path or backcountry trail need to be consistent and easy to use from one decision point to the next.

Traffic Regulatory

A standard highway sign on bike trails or facility can be part of the system but must be recognizable for this ap-plication.

Parking Control

Signage for parking, no parking and parking for the disabled should be sized to FHWA standards for regular streets. Smaller applications placed at eye level in parks and golf club helps to reduce visual clutter.

Address Signs

Wayfinding in residential communities is improved if the address of all units is clearly displayed at the front door or in the front yard.

Rules & Regulations

The clear display of general rules and single-issue site specific regulations should display only the most impor-tant material, in an ordered format with succinct legends, with symbols and key words to aid understanding.


The orderly display of key information used by all visitors can reduce clutter and provide the information visi-tors need to use a facility effectively.

Symbol Signs

In recreation sites, transit facilities and other public places, symbol signs can engage and clearly communicate with visitors. Applications provide clear guidance, identification, prohibition, and site specific rules.

Safety Signs

Visitors must be clearly notified of unsafe conditions with appropriate signal words, referential color, identifica-tion of safety hazard, implication of non-compliance, and guidance avoid problem.


Maps are a universal tool for wayfinding. They can take many forms, but should be designed specific to the way a facility is to be interpreted.

Area Entry

Many parks and facilities have a few primary rules or guidelines that are mandatory to maintain order. These are displayed at the entry to a facility. The Terrabilt area entry slats provide a convenient method of display with text and symbol.